2017 Mazda Kai Concept Precedes 2019 Mazda 3

If you ever want to get stuck in the future and see something, it will help the 2017 Mazda Kai Concept to give you a clear picture of what will happen in the field of automotive. It is marked for a later year, but will be presented at this year’s Motor Show in Japan. In relation to the Vision concept, the KAI is something special. In all likelihood it could be a new hatchback that relates to the new 2019 Mazda 3 concept. What you need to imagine is a new style that is elegant and extreme at the same time, the SkyActiv-X will definitely mark the next period. The sporty identity of the vehicle also reflected on the cabin, which is spacious and luxurious with extraordinary details in places where it is needed.

It is still not certain if Mazda will use this in Mazda3 Hatch. Are there any changes to be made? In any case, we are close to information that this will happen. In the next couple of years, we will definitely know what will happen, but until this concept should be looked at in more detail.

2017 Mazda Kai Concept exterior side

Exterior Design – 2017 Mazda Kai Concept

The 2017 Mazda Kai Concept will be a blend of wild, aggressive, debilitating, beautiful manners, elegance. This is what describes an outward appearance with a simple dictionary. If you look at the front A pillars you will see that the line that moves towards the hood bends, and in that way the front part is better seen. The inner bumper points and the lid together create a coating that gives the shadow to the Mazda coat that is chrome-plated. The coat of arms is positioned on the central position of the vehicle where there are black clock grids. The headlights are designed in such a way that they are surrounded by a black mask and the lower edge of the grille. Long mudguards are formed so that they intertwine with the front facies. In this way an attractive look is obtained from which angle it was viewed.

What is different from other manufacturers that would remove the false openings, in this case, the fascia has thin lines in the corners that just present these openings and that the full-length prosthesis allows air vents. Below is a full-length air dam. The low profile of the vehicle is still retained. What gives hope to some special performance is a lips design that stretches over the bottom of the fascia.

Mazda has invested a lot of time in creating an outer appearance that can be seen if you look at the vehicle from the side. I do not believe that you would be able to say that there are doors here if they were moving at 50 mph. The traditional handicap shortage hides newly designed doors and makes them attractive. The side profile works smoothly, but with an emphasized dynamic design. The pronounced little lips are placed under the side wing and its role is to create small wings, and this is achieved by turning to the top underneath the last point.

If we look at the rear of the vehicle, we will see that there are accumulated arches around the dots. The reason is that the vehicle gets on a muscular look, and this is seen only for the rear. Appearance with emphasis on bubbles continues back. However, they are reduced thanks to LEDs fitted to the body and headlights. The back of the fascia belongs to the body itself. This may sound nice but not practical if there are some breakdowns. Of course this is not the final version of the vehicle but its concept.

The rear is characterized by the fact that the rear cover at the top of the windshield is significantly cheaper. A flat black insert is characteristic of the fascia, where the exhaust system is located on each side. To connect the front and back sides, a thin lips formed that will equalize things. The roof gets a special, youthful look and a very provocative lid in a positive sense.

2017 Mazda Kai Concept back side

Interior – Mazda Kai Concept 2017

The 2017 Mazda Kai Concept had to wash the interior as well as the outside. The description could also be the same, the dullness, the elegance and the sport spirit. Smooth and elegant lines are stretched over certain parts of the cabin. For those ahead, there’s plenty of space to talk about seats, but we can not say it for the back of the seat. Above the instrument table there is a panel that looks like it has a two-way look. The second layer is smooth and somewhat low and the purpose is that it seems to have more space than it really is. the infotainment system at first glance seems to be more intended for a traveler rather than a driver. However, the design is designed so that the center console has a circular design for touch at the rear of the switch. The screen is located between the upper part and the weaker race and serves as a part where the ugly system needs to be.

The HVAC is specific in that it incorporates control and ventilation openings. What is useful for the HVAC is that it is completely digital. In the corner there is one copy that is close to the driver. The Kia Stinger is mentioned here in the context of the center console that is located between the rear seats and this additionally creates the feeling of a vehicle for a sports car. The brilliant black plastic and the retracted console give a distinctive look to that central part. Slapstick is an expression used for a speed changer that is located in the middle part. The vertical walls of the console and around the neck have red accents that give additional design features. The seats are covered in black and upholstered.

The steering wheel is specific and has a less central casing and freewheel, which gives a classic feel to a wheelchair with chrome inserts and leather wrap. The mirrors are presented as digital units and can give a picture of the rear part of the cabin. When it comes to passenger and cargo space, it remains to be seen.

2017 Mazda Kai Concept interior concept

What is hidden under the hood?

What is credible for the driving force is the SkyActiv-X that will be found in the 2019 Mazda 3 model. The 2017 Mazda Kai that are present in Japan are thin in terms of information, but we will present some here. very little is known about the SkyActiv-X, but there are indications that starting with some sparks. This happens as a result of the combustion of a mixture of gasoline and air within each cylinder. It works similar to diesel, as gasoline requires much more compression and combustion. Because of this, a spindle is needed for help because it does not work fully on all engines. However, the engine itself is 2 liters and can produce 200 horsepower. For about a third, it can deliver more torque compared to SkyActive engines.

Mazda should have an alternative to increasing the number of horsepower. The engine can find a solution so that the standard gearbox is paired with the Hybrid unit and with little electrical power, it can deliver more horsepower. If there are 4 cylinders available, then it could work with six. What has the advantages has flaws. The main disadvantage is that one such engine is later serviced.

When it comes to acceleration, our expectation is 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The maximum speed achieved should jump at 140 mph, producing around 200 horsepower with a torque of 230. Other details related to the 2017 Mazda Kai Concept will have to wait a bit.

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Videos: Quick Look at the New Concept

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