2017 Nissan IMx Concept Electric Car

Be ready for the new 2017 Nissan IMx Concept Electric Car that is reserved for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. If we return a few years back, we will see that in 2013, Nissan introduced the IDx concept. Now it’s time to step forward because nothing ever happened since then. The vehicle should come in a new style as far as new technologies and designs are concerned.

The IDx is a stylish SUV that will be designed for Nissan Intelligent Mobility or a different approach to how vehicles have gained propulsion power. The attention is focused on future electric items and how it is possible to contribute to the future designer style.

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Though it will not enter production, it is an allegedly depicting the design of the new generation of this SUV. This was said by Alfonso Albaisa, Vice President of Design in Nissan, suggesting that this concept will play a major role in the design of the next generation of Qashqai and Rogue Sport for the North American market.

Albaisa said that 2017 Nissan IMx will have an impact on the second generation of the Juke model, but pointed out that this study is bigger than this subcompact SUV. But that does not mean that some of his elements will not be found on Qashqai. Despite the futuristic look, Albaisa claims that IMx “looks” into the future, which is only three years away.

“The concept-free crossover, 2017 Nissan IMx, represents the future of Nissan’s intelligent mobility,” said Daniele Schillaci, executive vice president of global marketing and sales, the development of non-emission vehicles and batteries. “With the strategy of intelligent mobility, Nissan wants to change the way people interact with cars, the way cars can connect with society in the near and future future.”

The basic part of the IMx technological equipment is the future version of the ProPILOT system, which enables a completely autonomous ride. When the ProPILOT mode is activated, the system pulls the control panel into the dashboard and tilts all the seats backward, allowing the driver to release more space, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the journey. When the Manual mode is activated, the vehicle returns the steering wheel and seats to the original position, and thus returns control to the driver’s hands.

Cars have been designed so far with a clear difference between the exterior and the interior. The outer design is awesome with safety, and the interior design provides drivers with an environment that allows them to focus on driving. Such delineation is likely to change with the arrival of completely autonomous vehicles. Nissan designers wanted to reinvent the interior of the IMx model to achieve a sense of openness, but at the same time retain a sense of privacy. That’s why they designed a space that connects the outside and the interior.

2017 Nissan IMx side exteriro concept

2017 Nissan IMx Exterior

What you will first notice about the new design the IMx’s is a front grille, while items like a greenhouse are reminded by Nissan Leaf. This is a special type of design with special characters that are integrated into the new design.

2017 Nissan IMx concept car without emissions uses a new platform of electric vehicles, designed for maximum efficiency. This platform allows the installation of a completely flat floor, resulting in a spacious interior and greater driving pleasure. The low center of gravity of the platform improves the driving characteristics that will redefine the crossover segment.

The IMx design uses Nissan’s recognizable design elements to highlight the features of a clean and sporty electric car. The powerful character line extends from the recognizable front V-motion front cover to the rear end. The wide surfaces of the characteristic front bumps are spreading extensively from the front face to the sides, creating a sense of layering.

The bright red color that creates a strong contrast to the pearly white body color is inspired by Uramasari, a concept that describes the beauty and extravagance of the decoration of the interior of traditional Japanese kimonos.

A lot of this is expected from the new concept. the IMx has some of the disruptive features regardless of its sports line. This line moves from the front grille and bumper, over the door, and ends with a drop in the arc in the form of arcs. In addition to having a muscular look, this model has extremely high technological characteristics.

Sharp headlights are stretched to the front door, an aggressive line and a massive design of nuns are some of the features of the new design designed for the front. What improves the sports design is certainly the vehicle’s width and the roofline of the coupe. The front grilles are smooth and with a great look.

If we look at the vehicle of the rear, we will notice that the specially upper rear part is interestingly designed, because it emphasizes its sporty elegance and a bit of aggressiveness. LED lights are designed so that they are placed in C columns, while the rear glass drops to the very edge of the finish.

2017 Nissan IMx front side concept

Interior Changes

The interior of the concept car 2017 Nissan IMx adheres to the basic concept of space that is found in traditional Japanese houses and gives a sense of openness. A panoramic OLED instrument panel in the background shows the car’s surroundings. A separate screen with a wooden frame placed under the instrument table and wrapped around the inner door inserts gives travelers a subtle feeling of the environment, such as Shoji, a traditional Japanese paper barrier.

The diagonal design “Katanagare” on the seats is gently engraved by the laser. The headrest, with graphics like “Kumiki”, a Japanese puzzle with interconnected parts, make up parts of silicone material and frames that are produced by a 3D printer. Here it is necessary to tilt the separately separated four seats.

Interior, it’s simple, and with plenty of space, because unnecessary elements that might take up unnecessary places are ejected. In comparison with standard vehicles, the new model will not have a central part, which additionally provides legroom.

2017 Nissan IMx inside

Engine and Performance

The 2017 Nissan IMx concept is the model from which power is expected, and that’s it. The power is transferred to shafts from two electric engine, for each axle one by one. The power produced by this stream is 429 horsepower and 516 torque. If you compare with Tesla Model X, it’s not close, but this is another story. for one such battery it is predicted to pass 372 km. The acceleration that accrues from 0 to 60 mph is beyond regular.

The function of automatic parking is not only helpful, but it has already aroused many. In fact, the parking mode allows the vehicle to be placed next to an electrical network and power. There is really not much information available, so some of the details will follow the next one. Until then, follow us and we will report you.

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