2018 Acura RLX Review

After the first thought of Acura, buyers know what it is about. But they do not know much about the new 2018 Acura RLX, which will in all likelihood reach a peak when it comes to design abilities and quality improvement. 2018 Acura RLX was designed to replace some of the older models that belong to the RL generation.

The new model of the hybrid driving force V-6 is praised, and the technology is some criticism directed at high prices in comparison to the competition. The RLX is a model that introduces new features and new design precisely for these reasons, so that it can compete with its competitors. Monterey Car Week is an event where the audience was able to attend the new redesigned Sedan model.

The RLX 2018 with its new shift represents the new image of Precision Crafted Performance that relates to the stylistic language among the designers. The RLX has done a redesign from down to the inside and has shown its seriousness in an effort to make radical changes. The inside has not received any significant changes, but it has transmitted all the same with new optional add-ons that you can choose according to your wishes and possibilities. Probably one of the biggest challenges Acura has managed to cope with is an outdated and somewhat dull design. Below we will briefly see what is related to the design and driving force and performance of the new vehicle.


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Model Specs
Year: 2018
Model: RLX
Displacement: 3.5 L
Transmission: 10-speed automatic
Engine: V6
Car segment: Luxury cars
Top Speed: 155 mph (Est.)
Price: $54,900 start
Purpose: Familu car
Horsepower:  310
Price:  Luxury
Make: Acura
Size:Full  size
0-60 time: 6 sec. (Est.)

2018 Acura RLX Exterior Review

Well, we’re starting from the outside where I saw that the new 2018 Acura RLX like with your relatives could be said, and that’s also the new TLX and MDX models. If we move from the front, we will see something more aggressive lines that are related to the cheerful central part with a new peg and bent corners. Lexus and Mercedes-Benz served as an example when creating a network grid that is also something new on this model. It may not have been downloaded from these models, but it certainly reminds.

What also contributed to a new, more aggressive look is the redesign of the headlights and front lights, which are sharper and more extensively shaped. The LED strip gives a completely new L-shaped dimension, while the outer corners retain their previously aggressive state with sharp characteristics. The larger splitter, the chromed inserts on each corner, the integrated lights on the lower part of this road with a wider entrance are something new. The bonnet has also received some of the changes that affect the overall front design.

2018 Acura RLX front side

Interior Changes

As for the interior, they would not waste a lot of words since it was transferred from the predecessor, with the new features being reflected in the choice of additions that will be in the form of new technologies. Sometimes, some things do not need to be changed, however, in all likelihood, what needs to be changed relates to the HVAC control that is located above the central console and two small screens that should be bigger in view of the competition that has already been done . In spite of most of the things that remained the same new 2018 Acura RLX, in a way, gets a candy as far as the interior itself is concerned.

There are a few minor changes, it’s almost unnecessary to talk about it. Changes refer to seats that are more comfortable. If we still decide on a standard hybrid and a gadget variant, we will get AcuraWatch. What this package involves are the following items, such as the Collision Mitigation Braking System, which is paired with Auto Brake System, Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Road Departure Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow. What is interesting is a new monocular camera with special sensors to detect other vehicles.

2018 Acura RLX interior

Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood is a very interesting situation because we have a combination of a new and old engine. The 3.5-liter V-6 variant produces 310 horsepower. The power is transferred to the wheels thanks to the automatic gearbox with ten speeds which contributes to improve the acceleration. However, these are information that does not provide safety with data related to the pervious power. How things are going to take place, the information is also confirmed.

If we turn to the hood on the Sport Hybrid, we will see that there is a 3.5-liter V-6, which is combined with a three-phase gasoline engine. This is something like what NSX has. The sedan is in this case with a four-wheel drive and the configuration schedule is such that two engines are designed for the rear axle and one for the front. With this power, we get a total of 377 horsepower. It is estimated that Acura in this case the Sport Hybrid is the best variant for the time being that is presented or that there are some data.

Price and Release Date of 2018 Acura RLX

Since we are talking about information that is not 100% reliable we will see what is the price list. According to some information, the new 2018 Acura RLX should begin with $ 54,900 for the P-AWS. The RLX Sport Hybrid gets a much higher price and it is $ 61,900. Compared to the predecessors, the price is certainly higher. Perhaps not so much as expected, but definitely bigger. Specifically, for the new Acura model, you will have $ 4,000 more than it has done so far.

2018 Acura RLX back side 2018 Acura RLX exterior side

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