2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante For Sale

In October this year, Aston Martin officially announced the 2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante. The sporty design is still present with the new DB11 Volante, although some parts have added cloths that influence certain changes. The powertrain will be powered by a 4.0-liter, V-8, which translates to a production of 503 horsepower and a torque of 513. It’s important to note that the new model will be able to deliver 62 mph in 4 seconds.

The difference between the coupe and the new Aston Martin model is the fabric fabric of the top. In any case, great shifts in the positive sense were made by the Aston Martin Group of Engineers. AM Volante probably has what you expect and we’ll see later through the text itself. The DB11 Volante needs to be presented and we will not be much delayed.

Model Specs
Year: 2018
Model:  Aston Martin DB 11
0-60 time:  4.1 sec. (Est.)
Price: Super High
Size: Mid size
Horsepower  503 (Est.)
Top Speed: 200 mph (Est.)
car segment: sports cars
Engine: V8
Displacement: 4.0 L (Est.)
Purpose: Sport Cars
body style: Convertible
Make: Aston Martin
Torque @ RPM: 513
Overall: 9.3


2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante exterior side

Exterior of 2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante

When it comes to the outside, Aston Martin has made some kind of converting DB11 Coupe to Volante. The coupe has a sliding curve, the rest is almost identical. The front is such that you will have five louver grilles, the front is fairly wide, the headlights are immersed around which a thin LED strip is located along the upper edge and posterior part. From the windshield to the nose, the lines depict the muscular structure of the car. The cover also has a long valve.

If you want to adjust the air passage to the side of the side, turn the crock on the side and see the valve that is engraved or placed in the mudflap. The front and side profiles are connected to what is called a small skirt. In order to match the line of curved muscular hood, there is a line that moves from the back of the top to the headlights and the last quarter where it folds at the door. Volante gets its own designed wheels, which give a special character to the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle is almost depicted as it is with the coupe.

If we look at a general vehicle, the Volante will have the same red LED headlights, the rear part with black gloss. The exhaust system is chrome-plated and gives a special add-on appearance while the addition of a red reflector to complete the design. One and maybe a different thing is the back of a vehicle that takes up a lot of space and changes its appearance. At the back of the line it swings upward, and has a smaller width before it is moved to the back. As a defect of the new model, the back side has a gap between the panel.

Should go to the hive when it’s up and up, the Volante takes another look. At an acceleration of 31 mph, it can be achieved by opening it. All this brings together an unparalleled story given by Aston Martin when it comes to design.

2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante front side

Interior 2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante

The interior of the new Volante by Aston Martin can be compared to that of his cousin. It is first and foremost to say that there is plenty of room for the head. Aston Martin says it has been able to lower the top in 14 seconds and lift it for just 16. If you want to open or close, keep in mind that this can not be done at high speeds, but at 31 mph is quite possible. In relation to the DB9, it is possible to find more places in the luggage compartment by a fifth. This can be taken as a sensory improvement at least at the rear of the vehicle. The inside of the vehicle is insulated with even eight layers that protect against high temperatures and strong vibrations. The inside is black and silvery.

Aston Martin has made it possible for you to enjoy a special so-called giggity ride, thanks to a car that has a regulated hand held heater. ISOFIX is characteristic of the rear seats that are not very comfortable, but this add-on is something quite certain that you will need, especially when it comes to those who have small children. Carbon Fiber and Wooden Parts are something that the Volante distinguishes from its predecessors and gives it a special shine.

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Drivetrian Specs

Most of you are just waiting to hear what’s under the hood. It’s like this. The 4.0-liter, twin-turbo, V-8, which is characteristic of the Mercedes-AMG, is housed here. The AMG GT uses the same engine if you are well aware of the vehicles. Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin have come up with some kind of collaboration which means Aston is able to engine the engine and design specific parts. ECU software as well as the Finnish oil system are some of the features that relate to the cooperation between these two giants. It provided 503 horsepower and 513 pound-feet of torque, almost unbelievable. The Mercedes-AMG GT S has a similar story when it comes to the strength of horsepower.

However, there is no surprise here, because Aston Martin has gone a lot further this time and has made it possible to create items such as ESP software, anti-roll bars, springs, dampers, geometry, gravity center that includes special scrapers. In this way, greater agility of the vehicle is enabled. This is definitely a sports car with elements of elegance. It will not take you long to reach 62 mph in 4 seconds. 2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante will be able to do it in about 4.2 seconds. It’s not that bad.

What is all about with V-12? If we look back, we will see that DB11 is known for one engine option. Aston martin DB11 found itself later on options such as V-8 and V-12. If we make a parallel we will see that the Volante is the one that should have it if there are not the same then at least a similar path as DB 11. This would mean the production of about 600 horsepower with 516 pound-feet of torque. The coupe obviously experienced an improvement of 97 horsepower and 59 pound-feet. This increase in horsepower would affect the acceleration of 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and exceeds 200 mph. Volante would have achieved this in 4 seconds 196 mph.


Do we finally have the price of 2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante

The price should be known and Aston Martin displays the prices Volante should have and which is $ 216,495 on the US market. In Britain it will be around £ 159,900. While in Europe 2018 Aston Martin DB 11 Volante is € 199,000.


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