2018 Holden Colorado Superute Pickup Truck

There is an unusual model next to us next year, which is the 2018 Holden Colorado Superute. The new racing series is Land Down Under, whose popularity is explosive among pickup trucks. This series of trucks is known as the SuperUte ECB Series. In Australia, known as the Supercars Series. The series is known for the V-8 engine and rear-wheel drive. Gold Coast’s Norwell Motorplex starts in March next year and Australia is ready for new mid-size pick-ups, a crew cab and a turbo-diesel engine.

2018 Holden Colorado Superute exterior design

2018 Holden Colorado Superute Pickup Truck Review

If we make a comparison with NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series, we will see that Utes do not have sheet metal on the cellular cabinet. This pickup ptruck line comes from the assembly line. Each of these specimens passes through a special assembly, ie working hours with the use of protective cages, tires and wheels, suspension change as well as turbocharged engines. The trucks are limited to 340 horsepower. In that case, the torque is 500 with a power of 3,968 pounds. SuperUte Series includes Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Isuzu and General Motors. Holden Colorado is a GM representative. If asked for a competitor, it would be found in Chevrolet Colorado, a representative for North America. And one such model is known for its 2.8-liter Duramax turbodiesel2.8-liter Duramax turbodiesel.

New sets of regulations and new specifications are features for SuperUte, that is, for the vehicle manufacturer and potential buyers. Everything is ready for new racing trips to Holden’s Emma Pinwill. The statement is based on the fact that the new racing series is extremely important for Holden’s heritage.

To allow the competition, the Holden Colorado SuperUte will receive some mandatory parts. This includes upgraded brakes, ECUs with their specificities, heavy duty springs with shock absorbers, transmissions with specific gear, specific tires made. All vehicle information has not yet been released, possibly for the reason that the race does not start or because the engineers still keep an eye on Colorado. Needless to say, under the watchful eye of Holden, the Ross Stone Racing truck is currently being manufactured.

2018 Holden Colorado Superute grille

The SuperUte series will have an eighth round provisional calendar in the new year 2018. He will start his round here with Adelaide 500 and finish it with the Coates Hire Newcastle 500.

Australia’s SuperUte series could cause a buzz of surprise among amateurs of this vehicle, although it is difficult for people from the United States to happen. Expansion of popularity in this area is not expected. In the beginning of 2000, Toyota also competed with Tacoma TRD S-Runner. We also mention the Dodge Ram 1500 SRT-10. Ford Lightning, GMC Syclone. At the time, the GMC Syclone could produce 380 horsepower with a torque of 450 with its V-8. The Ram SRT-10 made a lot more than 500 horsepower with a 525 rpm.

If we want to leave the fat at will or to ask ourselves some questions how it might look. We are about to wonder how Ford would have built a 450 horsepower engine in the F-150 third generation. Or a variant where the 510 pound-foot EcoBoost is designed for single-cab. The single-cab Ram 1500 with Hellcat V-8 and the production of 707 horsepower could make an incredible explosion in a positive technological sense. Or if the LT4 V-8 was meant for Silverado single cab, something similar to the concept we had a few years ago. These are all topics for some consideration. But it surely remains to see what will happen in practical terms.

In any case very soon we will have more info about 2018 Holden Colorado Superute.

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