2018 Toyota Land Cruiser New Design

Toyota is definitely one of those companies who are trying to meet the needs of customers. This resulted in the appearance of the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser. Definitely, this model justified the existence of its predecessors because it got a more elegant, robust look. Comfort, quality and technological advancement are some of the characteristics of the new model.

As far as the outer surface of the new Land Cruiser 2018 is concerned, the new line is on the design side. The front has been changed in terms of bumper, light, mask and fog lamp. On the back side, the lights are redesigned. The cabin gets its own novelty. A more advanced instrument panel and central console are novelties, the changed steering wheel is another of the items. A new infotainment system of 8 inches will surely delight you. The front seats now have a ventilation system, while the rear seats have heaters, and there is automatic climate control as well as a windshield with heaters and a new smart key design.

Toyota Land Cruiser will have different offers for this model. Everything will vary depending on the market to which it is intended. From three to five doors, from various types of equipment and colors. Even ten colors will come in your choice. The powertrain will be characterized by 2.7 liters producing 161 horsepower and a V6 gasoline generator that produces 249 horsepower for Eastern Europe, and in the Western Europe, a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 174 horsepower is available.

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Exterior Cahnges of 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

The combination of aesthetics and aggressive looks that is characterized by perseverance and power as expected from the right terrain with all-wheel drive is characteristic of the Land Cruiser. The design of the new Land Cruiser is different, more elegant and dynamic, although it is based on a proven chassis platform. Although the new look of the hood, mask, headlights, front bumper, the front of the Land Cruiser is similar to that of the previous version, but it is still different. The hood is redesigned in such a way that the driver now has greater visibility in the middle, and in the front bumper there are integrated fog lights.

Set to form a unique graphic form, the mask and headlights are placed at a slightly higher height for better ground illumination, and the air intakes on the mask are larger, and the mask itself has vertical bars with chrome-plated details. Headlights and daytime running lights can now be with LED technology or halogen. Observed from the side, it can be seen that the tip of the front bumper is a little higher, and therefore the car looks robust and elegant. Aluminum alloy wheels with a new 17-inch design are also visible. We also offer 18-inch and 19-inch wheels. The new light design is designed for the back of the LED technology and restylated bumper. Also, the new Land Cruiser will be available in ten colors. The new colors are Avant-Garde Bronze metallic and Midnight Emerald Blue.

If we make a comparison with the predecessor, the new model has increased by 60 millimeters, so its length is 4,840 mm (4,565 mm for the three-door version), while the clearance is now 215 millimeters (205 mm for three doors). It can be said that this dasa is high and the height is 1,880 mm and 1,980 mm wide. While for a wheelbase we can say it is 2,850 millimeters. This also applies to a five-door variant.


2018 Toyota Land Cruiser side exterior

Interior Changes and Technology for New Toyota Land Cruiser 2018

The interior of the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser should also monitor the outside. Also, the soft ones on the touch will be the main feature of the new cabin. The new look was done on the instrument panel, the same was done with the central console, in this way, a better overview of fieldwork has been obtained, and the aesthetic appearance is even better. Inside the console is a new infotainment 8-inch touch screen, as well as a climate control panel. It is interesting to note that the front seats get a cooling option. The steering wheel is also new and now looks like a steering wheel that can be found in the Land Cruiser V8. Behind it in the center of the instrument table is a TFT screen of 4.2 inches that shows all essential information about the vehicle such as warning messages, driver assistance, navigation and the like.

The interior also has LED ambient lighting. Interior can be ordered in three different color tones, such as black, brown-black and new beige colors. As far as system information is concerned, there are media and 3D navigation, blutus connections, USB ports and Mirrorlink connections with mobile phone, which allows display of text messages on the screen and the like. The new technology also includes a number of driver assistance systems, such as a direct collision alert and pedestrian detection, cruise control, and the like.

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2018 Toyota Land Cruiser interior specs

Aggregates and Performance Review

We can freely say that it will be rich here in terms of engine power. The D-4D Global Diesel 2.8-liter unit is also available in the three-door and five-door versions 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser. All this is linked to a six-speed gearbox that can be manual and automatic. This four-cylinder engine is equipped with a turbocharger, 174 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 12.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 175 kilometers per hour, as well as a consumption of 7, 4 liters per 100 kilometers, when connected to an automatic transmission. When connected to a manual transmission, it develops 420 Nm of torque and speeds up to “one hundred” in 12.1 second, while the maximum speed remains the same as the torque.

However, this is not the end. 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser has two V6 petrol engines will be destined for the Eastern European market for 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser. One of them has a 2.7 liter capacity and produces 161 horsepower and a torque of 246 Nm. The power of this engine is transmitted via a five-speed gearbox that is manual and whose speed is 165 km / h, and average consumption is 12.3 liters per 100 kilometers. If you choose a six-speed gearbox, the maximum speed will be 160 km / h and consumption is 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The second unit has a capacity of four liters, connected to a six-speed automatic transmission and produces 249 horsepower and a torque of 381 Nm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.7 seconds, and consumption is 10.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

It is important to highlight several driving modes that the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will have: ECO, Normal, Comfort, Sport S and Sport S +.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser back side

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