2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

It is very certain that all Land Rover fans will have the chance to meet the new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport. The last copy it came out in 2015, while the next one will be planned after 2020. On some of the spy pictures, you see how much it is possible, what is done about the outer space, while for the interior of the cabin we can only assume what’s new. Designers and manufacturers need some time to create a new vehicle and put it on the market.

Discovery Sport at this time does not provide a clear definition of what should follow, that is, it does not provide information on the details related to the driving force and generally for the design itself. What we can assume that Land Rover will do is improve fuel consumption by plug-in hybrid. Then there are also improved features related to the ride itself as well as the luxurious interior.

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2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review Exterior

So let’s start from the outside. What can be spotted on spy pictures is a few important details. The construction of the vehicle itself is higher than the existing one, which simultaneously indicates changes that will occur under the hood and inside the cab. In all likelihood, the new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport will have a completely new design, so that the fuel filler will also have a new design to be in line with the overall body of the vehicle. It is possible to hide the tricks here, which are related to the chassis itself with a body that already exists so that it can give a false picture to those who think that there is something new. But let’s leave it for now aside.

If we look at the back side, we will notice a new exhaust system. It is characterized by a double exhaust system with an adjuster in relation to the existing one that is weaker and less powerful than the new one. The existing one has an exhaust system on each end of the rear bumper.

All these changes can really indicate changes in terms of driving forces. The Discovery Sport’s diesel has its existing reservoir located below the hood but requires a special DEF bottle add-on. Why did not we go into details this way, but the change that can happen is related to moving the charger door to a place below the fuel door. The new double exhaust system, in addition to its aesthetic advantages, should also lead to better control of the emissions of harmful gases, which is definitely the goal of every company, which is the protection of the environment.

There are small changes on the front of the page as far as the fascia works are concerned. chin sticks have a slightly sharper edge and is moved further, which contributes to making this SUV more aggressive. The rest is hard to determine, it does not change, we will see what really happens.

Interior Changes

As for the cab itself and its design, there are no pictures or details. we can only lubricate and make assumptions about future changes if any, and we hope that they will. What we can assume for the new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport is the setting of a new dashboard. This will be an indication of the Range Rover Velar and the new Range Rover Sport, which will serve as the basis for something new. With digital meters, we can also get the upper trims that Discovery Sports will wear. The Jaguar Land Rover will serve to improve its performance when it comes to head-up display and some other interesting advanced technologies. Of course, if you want advanced options and you know that you have to pay it in particular.
The schedule of seats for Discovery Sport is such that 7 people can sit in the 2 + 3 + 2 set. Very soon you will find that the new Disco Sport is a really good family car and that it can serve many things.

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport interior

Engine and Performance

You’re probably wondering what it can be under the hood in the offer. And so, the current Land Rover Discovery Sport offers both diesel and petrol. If we look at the market outside the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport, then we can say it is available as the 2.0-liter TD4, with the production of 150 to 180 horsepower. Power transfer is reserved for manual gearboxes and power transfer to wheels using it. The automatic gearbox with nine speeds will be an optional feature. It also offers the 2.0-liter SD4 turbodiesel that can make 240 horsepower with a torque of 369. If we look at the other side or gasoline drive, we will start with 2.0 that makes 240 horsepower with a torque of 250. We have a 2.0 liter engine with 237 horses in the US market. If you decide on the HSE or HSE Luxury trims, then count on 286 horsepower.

As an interesting thing you may not have known, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport can function without a 4WD. Also, the Pure E-Capability trim is characteristic for cars outside the US market and carries an engine of 150 horsepower with the front woof. The FWD can come as an extension with the new Land Rover. Maybe a combination with a Hybrid drive is made, it remains to be seen.

Price and Release Date of 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport

For now, the price for the new model has not yet come out. But we can make a comparison with the predecessor The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport that cost and costs $ 37,795 on the American market. If you want HSE Luxury with 2.0-liter and production of 286 horsepower, you will have $ 52,895. so the new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review could cost $ 40,000 with add-ons and up to $ 60,000.

Spu Photos

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport spy shots

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport spy shots by Topspeed.

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport spy shots back side

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport spy photos by Topspeed.

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport spu photos

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport spu photos by Motor 1.

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