SEMA Auto Show 2017

There is another SEMA Auto Show 2017 in front of us. Las Vegas is doing great preparation for everyone’s famous event. What makes this fair is recognizable is that it gathers thousands of suppliers, buyers, restaurants, manufacturers of vehicles and advocates for a unique appearance, the formation of associations that will be represented by the special equipment market of the market. Sin City will be the host of all of them, and OEM in one of the largest emissions related to vehicle manufacturers. SEMA is closed to the public, but certainly it should be close to you. Here will be shown a sequence of separated vehicles that will appear at the fair as an essential item and the item being requested.

In the period from October 31 to November 3, we will have interesting items on this issue.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 – Ford WD-40/SEMA Cares Boosted Bronco

One of our interesting priorities in this event is everyone well known to Ford Bronco. It is mentioned for the first time already in 1966. This model represents the first of five generations with a plate bearing this name. The exterior is characteristic of a blue yellow color that reflects the lubricant manufacturer. EcoBoost is well-known to everyone, and it’s under the hood and a real driving force for this car. Childhelp is an organization that is involved in the whole story and clearly shows that it is an organization to help children abused.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Cares Boosted Bronco

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Cares Boosted Bronco source by Topspeed.

Kia Stinger By West Coast Customs

SEMA Auto Show 2017 will be pleased with another participant who is eager for change, and it’s about the Kia Stinger. Changes that can be expected are related to a wide body kit. Changing the mud board by a few inches and adjusting wheels, or wheels of 21 inches. The installation of the new diffuser gives a dose of severity related to the exhaust system and its pipes.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 kia stigner

SEMA Auto Show 2017 kia stigner

Ford Mustang By Air Design

This year, Ford has decided to show a lot of things, and here on the scene comes his special copy of the pony car. This way the outer side is made so that it has its own unique body kit. The front splitter, side panels, the rear diffuser are just some items that can be said to have been improved and that they’ve experienced a change. Pirelli rubber will be the main carrier of the new 21 inches. The inside will be characteristic of the Kicker audio system and leather seats. A burst exhaust system and a lot more will make a new story about this model. Soon there will be a lot more about the model itself.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 2018 ford mustang air design

SEMA Auto Show 2017 2018 ford mustang air design source by Topspeed.

Ford Focus RS “Triathlete” By VMP Performance

The Focus RS usually pretends to be what it came out of the factory, but the tuners want much more than that, they want additional improvements that are perhaps even suicidal for some. Promotions in terms of drag power, performance designed to navigate along the road, especially curves and other hard-to-access things that are taking place during driving, have been promised. the Focus RS “Triathlete” has just recognized the importance of this improvement. Carbon fiber is used in the construction of the body, so the construction itself is sensitive to laxity. seen from the profile, the driver’s part and the belt and the five stars keep the driver in a certain position. Air Lift provides a suspension.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 ford focus rs triathiete vmp

SEMA Auto Show 2017 ford focus rs triathiete vmp, picture source by topspeed.

Ford Focus ST By Blood Type Racing

At this year’s SEMA Fair, RS is not the only model Ford will present. This can be confirmed by this ST from the Focus Ford group from Blood Type Racing. the ST will surely sway on the SEMA fair for a lot of stuff and some of them are Midnight Purple colors, carbon fibers used to make the construction and vehicle wings. The interior is known for roll bar cabins as well as Sabelt seats. Below the hood is a series of support modes as well as a turbocharger, and a four-cylinder engine. What makes this vehicle unique is the landing system that moves, or maneuvering on the ground.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 ford focus st blood type racing

SEMA Auto Show 2017 ford focus st blood type racing by topspeed.

Hyundai BTR Edition Elantra Sport Concept

Another one of the models to be found on the list of this year’s SEMA Auto Show 2017. What makes this model interesting? This Elantra has something to pay attention to and this is the new four-door. In this way, the design has improved the performance of the vehicle in this way. The new Elantra is made of Blood Type Racing. The wheels are 19 inches, partially changed headlights. Since carbon fibers are used extensively, they are used here in the production of the steering wheel, so we have a handy handling. Also, there is a rug under the vehicle built on the same base. The driving force is characteristic of the direct injection of methanol and an improved 1.6-liter four-banger.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 hyndai btr edition eleantra

SEMA Auto Show 2017 hyndai btr edition eleantra picture source by topspeed.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Midnight Edition And Dusk Edition

The Colorado ZR2 pick-up truck will also take the opportunity to present itself to SEMA events. This is a special edition of a truck that will be said later. The Midnight Edition is the first model to be shown. In short, they will have some specificities that distinguish it from others. The wheels, 17 inches in size, are intended for wheels with black color. The Dusk edition comes to an end sometime later and more will be spoken about it.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 2018 chevrolet colorado zr2 midnight edition

SEMA Auto Show 2017 2018 chevrolet colorado zr2 midnight edition pictures source by topspeed.

Hyundai Rockstar Energy MOAB Extreme Off-Roader Santa Fe Sport Concept

The Santa Fe model that will be presented here is a type of customized vehicle with Mickey Thompson tires. Adaptation is the transition from Hyundai’s model to the new specific Santa FE model. The upgrade also includes a nitrous spray system that has more power. There is also the improvement of LED lights as well as stereo from Kicker.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Hyndai Rockstar energy

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Hyndai Rockstar energy picture source by topspeed.

Hyundai Hypereconiq Ioniq – SEMA Auto Show 2017

Also, one of the icons to be displayed at this fair is the upgraded version of Hyundai’s hybrid Prius, which is Ioniq. This version of the vehicle is more elaborate and more efficient compared to the previous variant and its similar models. the Hypereconiq will, together with Bishimoto Engineering, promote items on the outside. These include carbon fiber wheels as well as carbon fiber bits.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Hyndai huperconiq ioniq

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Hyndai huperconiq ioniq picture by topspeed.

Ford Focus RS By Universal Technical Institute, Tjin Edition, Pennzoil

The Focus RS has in a way drowned when we are talking about the SEMA fair. This is an example whose exterior has a bright yellow color and oval blue. Axalta Pennzoil is the name that is being used for this combination of exteriors. Carbon fibers were used in aerodynamics and 19-inch wheels. Inside there are changes to the instrument panel, the cover for the window switches as well as the slider. New improvements in exhaust gases and drives give a new form which is becoming increasingly sporty. BC Racing makes it possible to slip.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 ford focus RS

SEMA Auto Show 2017 ford focus RS picture source by topspeed.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Chevrolet Traverse SUP Concept

The Traverse SUP Concept that will appear with add-ons designed or downloaded from a Chevy vehicle. It gets the necessary places to place your items in certain places, thus easing space inside the cabin. Also, the outside gets certain characteristics. The paddleboard is ready and mounted on the roof and there are other various surprises. The inside has saved a lot of surprises, and time will tell you what’s new. SEMA Auto Show 2017 introduce a lot of interesting concepts this time.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 chevrolet traverse suv concept

SEMA Auto Show 2017 chevrolet traverse suv concept by topspeed.

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