2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition

If you are a fan of exotic cars, then the right moment to look at something about the 2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition. The RM Sothebys that is being held in New York is certainly an event where you can do something like that. There will be bidding for that vehicle. This event is reserved for the 6th of December. This specimen is specially poured, and it has about 250 miles per odometer. The question arises whether it is at all intended for the roads of the US market. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the name of the Bugatti Chiron Number One, because this is the first copy intended for the US market.

We could turn back at the price of the 2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition, which according to some expectations should be between $ 3.5 million to $ 4 million. Of course, this is a pricelist premium price versus a standard $ 3 million. What should be said is that the price can break through and the expected frames, since this is a truly dedicated model. Certainly, whoever you are interested in this vehicle, it will be good to get rid of it. Certainly, this model looks phenomenal, even if one takes into account the outer appearance and colors that are made, then we can talk about a model that is really fantastic.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition side exterior


Model Specs
Year: 2018
Model:  Chiron
Engine: W16
Displacement: 8.0 L
Horsepower @ RPM: 1500
0-60 time: 2.3 sec.
0-120 time: 6.5 Sec.
Torque@RPM: 1180
Size: Mid size
Make: Bugatti
Purpose: Exotic
Price: $3.5-4
Car segment  Super Cars
Top Speed: 261 mph (Est.)
Purpose: Exotic
Body style: Coupe

2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Special is specific, but why?

Bugatti is really much expected, first of all, to build on the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition. this is of paramount importance because the Chiron Number One at this moment is really the number one among all Bugatti models. What needs to be said is that this model can have many special editions, which can be characterized by the release of various accessories or its upholstery in various fantastic bouquets that will adorn the outer appearance. The fact is that this duration can only have Chiron.

The vehicle is not overestimated here because this is Chiron, but because of many other facts. RM Sotheby for this super car estimated to cost around $ 4 million, it still speaks of the extremely high quality and potential of the model. He really has this historical value. The dota could be discussed, what makes it so attractive and appealing. Maybe it’s just that 250 miles on the odometer. In any case, we should say that everything is new or almost new here. Think if we tell you that one set of tires costs $ 20 thousand.

The Chiron Number One has a number of functions that give priority to it except the status. George Barris’ iconic 1966 Batmobile is the icon of the time in which they live, so new colors on this model are reminiscent of the image of a beautiful and moribund time, and not only do they really give a clearer red-black seed that expands it. Inside it also shows.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition front side

Engine Specs Performance

Is it hiding under the hood of the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition? Probably some nice things that point to a powerful engine, or are just your expectations. This time, Bugatti included the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 in its offer. This sounds incredible, but one such beast produces as much as 1,500 horsepower with a torque of 1,180. All this together, one such power gives you the ability to start 0 to 60 mph, in just 2.3 seconds. If it is 0 to 120 mph, the acceleration is 6.5 seconds and in the end if we have 0 to 190 mph, then it is 13.6 seconds. However, it should be said that the speed limit is 261 mph.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition engine

Summary of 2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition

It should be pointed out that if you become the future owner of the new 2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition, do not think that’s the end of it. You will definitely have to wait for the purchase of accessories. The freebie is characterized as the Bugatti Aluminum Tool. There is also a special leather case with a key, a lid of a vehicle, a flesh, the disc are just some of the accessories. And yes, do not forget the few million dollars that you need to extract.

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2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition interior

2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition inside design

2018 Bugatti Chiron Number One Edition back side

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