2018 Genesis G80 Sport Price

At the beginning of the year, we can process you with the new 2018 Genesis G80 Sport model, which in many ways deserves praise from design to specific features. Hyundai always tried to get into the US market with the best possible vehicles and meet customers. From there, everything is ready to create a new brand that hyndai needs to present. The G80 midsize sedan will suit your needs.

The good thing is that customers will be able to choose between three options, translated for each one by some, which are the Sport 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 that can produce 365 horsepower with a torque of 376. The next option is the Standard 3.8- liter naturally aspirated V6 with a power of 311 horsepower with torque 293 and end 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V8 with a power of 420 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque.

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At the end of last year Hyundai started selling G90 saloon (in South Korea as EQ900), the first model of its global luxury brand Genesis, but it was just the beginning. Genesis decided to expand the offer of the G80, formerly known as Hyundai Genesis, and in addition to the Sport model that was introduced, announced the diesel version for the next year.

After the aforementioned G90, in June of this year, the G80, a modified version of Hyundai Genesis, is also shown at the Bus Show in Busan, from which it is distinguished by the sculpted front grill, bumper and lights.

2018 Genesis G80 Sport Design Review

Also, 2018 Genesis G80 Sport, which is now at the fair in Los Angeles, was also presented to the American public in Busan. The Genesis G80 Sport comes with sporty bumpers, extra air holes, four-exhaust exhaust system, dark chrome with front grill, 19-inch alloy wheels, sturdy suspension, leather sports seats and steering wheel, aluminum pedals, carbon fiber details, Apple CarPlay and Android car connection.

If we start from the outside design, we will see that the G80 is quite similar to the G90’s cousin. The front end reminiscent of the Audi design due to several features, due to the silhouette, the gears and the lights that are designed in a similar way. It can be said that the G80 and G90 promote the same front side in some way.

We’ve already mentioned the lights, but to say that LED headlamps give some kind of interesting design. Quite smart and interestingly designed for this front. If you look at the profile of the vehicle, you will notice that the wheels are slightly pushed out of the door. This works so thanks to the concave door treatment. In fact, they are not the way they are fit, they seem to be such, in combination with a slightly enlarged bumper. You can see this kind of trick on the Mercedes-Benz class.

The lagoon is moved to the rear and we can see that the rear lights are so positioned that they are just above the specially designed exhaust system. A special type of design is applied to the back of the glass below with the roof. The luggage compartment has an extremely small cover, but not a small inner surface.

2018 Genesis G80 Sport front grille

Interior Changes

If we move on to the interior, we will see certain specificities related to the cab which is a blend of European culture and the East or Asia. In the center, there is a 9.2-inch color touchscreen, and there is also a VW Groupesque HVAC design for valves. The transmission of power is transmitted thanks to a specially designed automatic gearbox with nine speeds that is like a joystick. This is a European carcass, while elements such as wheel control, design of the gauge class, the center console infotainment interface are formal in Asian style.

2018 Genesis G80 Sport interior specs

Engine and Acceleration

Below the hood of the new 2018 Genesis G80 Sport model is a twin turbo 3.3 V6 engine that debuted in the G90 model with 365ks and 509Nm of torque. Technical details are still unknown, as official information is still expected, but the engine appears to be connected to the same eight-speed automatic in the G90.

The company claims that the G90, which is known as the EQ900 in the Korean market, is equipped with the new V6 engine capable of reaching 100km / h in 6.3 seconds. This means that the easier G80 Sport could be even faster. Genesis has added new bumpers and wheels to the G80, as well as a more dynamic look with a black grille and a rear diffuser. The torque related to the G80 Sport ranges between 1,300 and 4,500 RPM. Compared to V8 with 5,000 RPM.

In its foundation, the Genesis represents the refinement of comfort and silence. You can choose a driving summary such as Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow.

Price & Release Date of 2018 Genesis G80 Sport

The price for one such model like 2018 Genesis G80 Sport would be around $ 56,225, and this all depends on the level of equipment and other characteristics. Details about the price list will be said. Release date of this model is completed.

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