2019 Lamborghini URUS Price

These days, it is the right time for Lamborghini‘s vehicles, especially when it comes to novelties such as the 2019 Lamborghini URUS. After presenting a concept model that Lamborghini had already announced in 2012, he (after the legendary LM002) could again enter the world of SUVs, the veil was removed from the production quadrilateral which retained the name of the concept from which it visually and does not have much deviation.

There is almost no day without the appearance of a new 2019 Lamborghini URUS Terrain teaser. However, we finally received official photos and data. For the first time since LM002, Lamborghini introduced the terrain.

The new URUS 2019, at first glance, shares the platform with the new Porsche Cayenne, but in Lamborghini, they have made sure that it is separated from its appearance, but also by its sense of driving. Although they are sharing the engine, the 4-liter V8 with two turbochargers, Urus has a slightly different 4×4 drive with a fixed torque distribution between the axles. With a steady 60% of the torque on the rear axle, Urus should also have specific `Lamborghini’ driving characteristics.

Although the Italian manufacturer has already tried to produce SUVs, the LM002 from the 1980s still came from the project of a classic military off-road vehicle and did not have the performance of a supersport car. In that sense, he can consider that Urus is the first real supersport SUV.


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2019 Lamborghini URUS side

Model Specs
Year: 2019
Displacement: 4.0 L
Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
Engine: V8
Torque @ RPM: 627 @ 2250
Top Speed: 190 mph
Price: € 200000
Torque: 627 @ 2250rpm
650 @ 6000
Price:  Super High End
Make: Lamborghini
Size: Large
0-60 time: 3.5 sec. (Est.)
Car segment: Supercars
Purpose: Exotic
Body style: SUV

2019 Lamborghini URUS Exterior

When it comes to design, 2019 Lamborghini URUS is based on the concept of the same name from 2012, and the exterior of the vehicle is such that an observer who monitors the automotive industry will undoubtedly recognize that it is Lamborghini. The practical surface of the front bumper is covered with a mask of refrigerators and air holes, and the bodywork is modeled on the models of Huracan and Aventador, with a lot of sharp lines.

The headlights incorporate LED daylight stylized “Y” shape, which somewhat reflects the design of the front light groups Aventador, and a similar stylish approach can be seen on the rear of the car. If we look at the vehicle from the rear, the design becomes much clearer. What expects travelers is a low seating position thanks to the swooping window line. If we pay attention to the C-pillar, we will notice that it looks a lot like the Huracan design. Behind the front wheels, there is a trigonal cut with the Italian flag. The diameter is 21 to 23 inches.

The Italian manufacturer says the rear diffuser, with 2 pairs of symmetrically mounted round exhaust pipes, is inspired by Lamborghini’s racing cars.

2019 Lamborghini URUS back side

Interior Changes

Interior design of 2019 Lamborghini URUS is a combination of luxury and sports elements. As with other Lamborghini models, the cockpit is dominated by the characteristic, hexagonal shape – these include, among other things, the ventilation openings, the screen frame of the multimedia system, as well as the pattern of seats on the seats.

As for luxury amenities, there are, for example, front heated seats that are standardly adjustable in 12 directions (optionally in 18).

Lamborghini tried to offer a superior user experience when it comes to multimedia or audio systems. Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions is enabled, Urus is standard equipped with an audio system with 8 speakers, and for those more prominent, the premium Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system with 1,700 watts is offered as an option.

Since the car is designed so that it is functional and practical in everyday driving, except for top performance, the boot has 616 liters, and with the reduction of the rear seats it can be increased to a maximum of 1.596 liters, we also expect that when we present one Lamborghini we are talking about the size and characteristics of the luggage compartment.

2019 Lamborghini URUS interior

Engine and Performance

According to the specifications of the drive unit and its performance it certainly is. The third large-size model in the Lamborghini range (next to Hurricane and Aventador) uses a 4.0 twin turbo V8 that delivers 650 hp and 850 Nm, with 2,250 rpm.

The power is transmitted to all wheels via an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, while Aventador S has taken control of the all-wheel drive system.

The acceleration they achieve is the following schedule, The 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in just 3.6 seconds. The performance of the 2019 Lamborghini URUS is certainly impressive for a SUV of 2,200 kg – a car from one place to another arrives at 3.6 s, from 0 to 200 (124 mph) per hour for 12.8 s, and a top speed of 305 km/h (190 mph).

Although the twin turbo V8 is the only driving option, for the time being, Lamborghini announced that Urus will later be available with a plug-in hybrid drive.

When it comes to the torque distribution on the axles, the front wheels of Urus get 40% standard and the last 60%. However, this ratio can be changed at a given moment when driving, so that 70% can be sent to the front axle and the last 87% of the torque of the engine.

The 4-point steering system works as well as Aventador S, which will improve the agility of the vehicle and stability in the curves and when turning, both at smaller and at high speeds.

Along with the active differential, there is an active swinging of the rear axle, so Urus is characterized by maximum agility and dynamics. Brakes, which are larger in size, are also used to control the higher mass. Even 440 mm front discs with 10 piston calipers and 370 mm rear discs with hexagonal jaws ensure adequate braking performance.

The driver has 6 pre-defined driving modes, which can be selected depending on the type of road surface, terrain and critical conditions: Strada, Sport, Corsa, Neve (for snow), Terra (off-road) and Sabbia (for sandpit ), plus an individually adjustable mode suitably called the Ego.

If Neve, Terra or Sabbia are selected, the suspension system is adjusted so that the car is somewhat more agile, with a greater distance from the ground, while the Strada, Sport and Corsa modes are optimized for sports driving along the asphalt or track.

Price of New 2019 Lamborghini URUS

What is important to say about 2019 Lamborghini URUS model is that it is offered in many important markets. In particular, the US market will cost $ 200,000. Of course, this is an optional price because the price depends on the final choice, or everything that is included in the selection of the vehicle.

2019 Lamborghini URUS spy shots

2019 Lamborghini URUS spy shots front side exterior

2019 Lamborghini URUS spy photos

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