2019 Pontiac Trans AM

We believe that the 2019 Pontiac Trans AM is arguably the most recognizable American muscle car in the history and every one of us lives a little of abandoned, a little bit of an outlaw. So, in 1977 you have a nation watching as the bandit races across the silver screen. Bold, audacious and was fearless, a new generation of car lovers is born.

The 2019 Pontiac Trans AM happens to be a very attractive and a very interesting sports car. It has been made to join the ranks of the collections of sports cars fans’ garages. It is also a very exciting continuation of some very popular car lines of the 1970s.

Now, there are a few models that are made who have the same goals, example: SRT Demon though Trans AM differs from that by quoting a lot. Now do not get fooled due to its sporty looks and maybe a design that looks too retro. This car has been made in only 50 units and this sporty car that Trans AM is, it is a modern sports car that should become part of somebody’s proud collection.

2019 Pontiac Trans AM Exterior

The 2019 Pontiac Trans AM design is representative of the impressions which the manufacturer intended to show through the car. They wanted to give it a feeling of the older times when the sports cars were merely sports cars which were speedy but were designed very simply, with some touches of modern looks and attractive designs so they that could be competitive in the market. The Trans AM has reconciled both the aspects in its design.

It has got the simple but retro looking two-rhomboidal shaped grille which is accompanied by rounded lights in the front and has a hood that is curved and has a vent for the air in the middle. The rear end also happens to be quite wide accompanied by retro looking three-line lights in the rear and a wide spoiler at the top. This car also features a roof that can be removed and quite low bumpers.

Interior Design

The cabin space in the 2019 Pontiac Trans Am happens to be a combination of the retro and the metro sports designs. The seats are covered in embedded leather and feature a lot of adjustable functions that are easily accessible. The dashboard is modern and has flawlessly laid out buttons along with commands and has very attractive details.

When it comes to looking at technology, it is worth to mention the new navigation, the cruise control which together with an improved information and entertainment system gives this cs a leg up on the competition. Although the cabin may look small and a bit tighter, that happens only on the first glance, since the seating and the driving in the 2019 Pontiac Trans Am is representative of a very gorgeous experience. Similar themes you can rad right here.

2019 Pontiac Trans AM interior

Engine Specs and Options

When we speak about the engine of the 2019 Pontiac Trans Am, it expectedly has the fastest and the best engine in its class. A result of this is that this car can produce 1000 horsepower and also a 1046 pound-feet in torque and this makes the engine on this car the strongest engine in the entire world.

2019 Pontiac Trans AM exterior

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