2019 Toyota Avalon Sedan Release Date

Another prime minister of this year’s NAIAS car show in Detroit is also the new generation of 2019 Toyota Avalon sedan. The fifth generation Avalon will replace the previous model introduced in 2013, and will be manufactured at the Toyota plant in Kentucky.

Despite the fact that most new car buyers are increasingly choosing Crossover and SUV models, Toyota is still not ready to give up traditional limousines, and for this reason, at the Detroit Auto Show, it unveiled the new, fifth generation Avalon.

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The 2018 Detroit Auto Show is a good opportunity for Avalon to show what it has and what it can offer to potential customers. the 2019 Avalon is included in those four-door vehicles intended for customers who are allegedly taking the median premium even though this is far ahead, or what is also allegedly more easily available to customers. The truth is quite different, it is a SUV model that is far above all the standards for this type of vehicle.

2019 Toyota Avalon Exterior Redesign

Toyota decided to make the new Toyota Avalon 2019 really different and refreshing to customers. That’s why she decided on a totally different design and we will see what is characteristic of the new outer appearance.

Usually, we always move from the front side so this time too. The old grid was quite large, but here we have the case that the new one is even bigger. The front of the new grid acts gigantic, but at the same time it is integrated to work forcefully and elegantly. the mask or the grid dominates the entire nose of the new 2019 Toyota Avalon model. There are several reasons for this, and the main thing is aerodynamics. In this way, easier penetration through space is performed. With such grids, it is possible to make even easier cooling. On the other hand, the individual thing is whether your new design is like it or not.

Toyota claims that the new 2019 Toyota Avalon has some really functional features. This applies to the parts of the bumper where there are thin vertical suction locks that are sideways installed. cabinets designed for lights are otherwise constructed and now have one for large beams, the other for low and third for daylight variants. There are also special LEd lights, lights for special occasions and occasions during braking.

If we look at the vehicle from the side profile, we will look first at the wheels with a size of 17 and 18 inches. There are various designs related to the wheel segment. The rear part features a 3D “aero fin” design for the latest LED backlight. Depending on the trim, you can also get a specific subtle spoiler. The Toyota Avalon 2019 slightly overlaps its earlier curves with sharp edges and thus gives it a harsher and sporty design. The new Avalon is more aero-efficient, reducing its coefficient from 0.27 to 0.28.

Based on TNGA architecture, the new generation of this model is now longer, wider and has smaller clearance than before. Its length is 4,978 millimeters, 1,849 millimeters wide and 1,435 millimeters with a wheelbase of 2,870 millimeters.

Interesting is the highlight of the new colors such as Harbor Gray Metallic and Opulent Amber. There are of course others like Parisian Night Pearl, Celestial Silver Metallic and Midnight Black Metallic.

2019 Toyota Avalon side

Interior Changes

If we go to the cabin, we must say that the larger exterior pulls behind and the larger inner part. The interior of the cabin is larger by about 7 inches. 2019 Toyota Avalon boasts 57.1 inches large shoulder section, headroom 7.5 inches and at the end leg for 40.4 inches.

The central console is dominated by Toyota’s new Entune 3.0 infotainment system, which provides access to services, wireless internet and audio systems. Those that do not have a factory audio system can buy a JBL audio system with 1,200 watts. There are also five USB ports, a wireless phone charger, a car connection via a smart watch, and parts made of wood and leather.

The conventional instrument panel has replaced the 7-inch digital size, in which the driver sees all essential vehicle information, safety, navigation, and other functions. A head-up screen of 10 inches is also available.

Although in some parts the changes are quite miserable, the doors and the steering wheel seem to be taken or modeled on the Mercedes model. So in 2019 Avalon gets a new dimension. If we observe the outer part of the cab, we will notice that the glass is enlarged, ie extended, which contributes to better comfort during driving.


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Engine Specs and Performance

If we look under the hood we will see that the 2019 Toyota Avalon is equipped with 3.5-liter V-6. In this way, power is increased and better mpg given because the D-4S is a direct fuel-injection system, which means that the vehicle has next to increased power and reduced fuel consumption. The strength of the current Avalon model has already had 268 horsepower with a torque of 248. With the new V-6 engine, 300 horsepower with a torque of 270 will be made. The power is transmitted thanks to the automatic gearbox with eight speeds.

For all those who love a cleaner drive or a green engine, the V-6 2.5-liter will be fitted with a four-cylinder engine. The power supply is 650 volts. Toyota can boast a Hybrid variant with which customers will be able to be proud of themselves. The sports model Hybrid Avalon has an additional dose of electrified ooMPH. More info you can find here.

2019 Toyota Avalon interior

Price and Release Date of New 2019 Toyota Avalon

The release date is left for the next year and is intended to produce Avalon in 2019 on the U.S. market. The date of sale will be published in the spring. The price of 2019 Toyota Avalon should be $ 33,500 MSRP. Although there are always deviations that will change with additions.

When it comes to selecting models, customers will be able to choose between the four-trim level, the sport variant Touring and XSE. Limited and XLE are variants with slightly more luxurious variants. It is common for them to get the V-6 driving force. For the Hybrid variant, XLE, Limited and XSE trims will be selected.


2019 Toyota Avalon front side

2019 Toyota Avalon exhaust pipe

2019 Toyota Avalon wheel

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