Cars 3 Release Date, Review

After the great success of Cars (2006) and its sequel (2011), as well as two spin-offs Planes (2013) and Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014), we were not surprised that Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios decided to release Cars 3, the latest installment in the popular cartoon series. In the second animated sequel, new and younger cars are in town, but our friend Lightning McQueen wants to prove to them that he is still up for the challenge.

Cars 3 International Movie Posters

What critics say about Cars 3?

Given that sequels are mostly worse than the original movies and that its prequel received generally negative reviews, it was kind of a surprise that Cars 3 turned out to be such a nice movie.

At this moment, it has an average score of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes by all critics, and 75% by audience, making it as almost as good as the first movie. On iMDB it is rated at 7.2/10, while on Metacritic the movie received mixed reviews with an average score of 59/100.

Critics claim that Cars 3 is a beautiful movie, with stunning visuals, dazzling animation and wonderful voice performances, but with predictable story and lack of humor.

Here’s a short synopsis: A new speedster called Jackson Storm is outpacing the legendary Lightning McQueen on the track. He is young, arrogant, fast and more powerful. Our friend Lightning, with the help of his friends, decides to train as he never trained before to become the number one racer once again.

Cars 3 Cinema Posters

Cast and Crew Members

Unlike its prequels, which were directed by John Lasseter, Cars 3 is directed by Brian Fee. It is produced by Kevin Reher. Most of the main cast from the previous films reprise their roles. Well, we can not imagine anyone other than Owen Wilson in the role of Lightning McQueen. Armie Hammer lends a voice to Jackson Storm, a new arrogant racing car in town and McQueen’s main rival.

Here’s a full list of Cars 3 actors and crew members.

Owen Wilson Lightning McQueen
Armie Hammer Jackson Storm
Bonnie Hunt Sally
Daniel Lawrence Whitney Mater
Tony Shalhoub Luigi
Guido Quaroni Guido
John Ratzenberger Mack
Cheech Marin Ramone
Michael Wallis Sheriff
Paul Dooley Sarge
Jenifer Lewis Flo
Katherine Helmond Lizzie
Cristela Alonzo Cruz Ramirez
Chris Cooper Smokey
Nathan Fillion Sterling
Kerry Washington Natalie Certain
Lea DeLaria Miss Fritter
Ray Magliozzi Dusty
Bob Costas Bob Cutlass
Margo Martindale Louise Nash
Darrell Waltrip Darrell Cartrip
Isiah Whitlock Jr. River Scott
Bob Peterson Chick Hicks
Tom Magliozzi Rusty
Kyle Petty Cal Weathers
Lewis Hamilton Hamilton
Lloyd Sherr Fillmore
Junior Johnson Junior Moon
Ray Evernham Ray Reverham
Paul Newman Doc Hudson
Humpy Wheeler Tex
Shannon Spake Shannon Spokes
Madeleine McGraw Maddy McGear
Mike Joy Mike Joyride
Jeff Gordon Jeff Gorvette
Daniel Suarez Danny Swervez
Ryan Blaney Ryan ‘Inside’ Laney
Bubba Wallace Bubba Wheelhouse
Chase Elliott Chase Racelott
Richard Petty The King
Andra Day Sweet Tea
Brian Fee Director
Kevin Reher Producer
Andrea Warren Co-producer

For more crew members please .

Cars 3 International and Domestic Movie Posters

What about Cars 3 release date?

At the time of writing this article, the film already had a premiere in some countries, grossing over $195 million worldwide. In the United States, its official release date was set for . However, it had its first public presentation five days before it. Cars 3 global premiere was set for , but in many countries it won’t be released until July, August, or even September.

In the table below you can see the official premiere dates for various countries.

USA (premiere) June 10, 2017
Albania June 15, 2017
Colombia June 15, 2017
Georgia June 15, 2017
Greece June 15, 2017
Croatia June 15, 2017
Hungary June 15, 2017
Israel June 15, 2017
Peru June 15, 2017
Portugal June 15, 2017
Serbia June 15, 2017
Russia June 15, 2017
Uruguay June 15, 2017
United Arab Emirates June 16, 2017
Bangladesh June 16, 2017
Bulgaria June 16, 2017
Canada June 16, 2017
India June 16, 2017
Mexico June 16, 2017
Poland June 16, 2017
Turkey June 16, 2017
USA June 16, 2017
Australia June 22, 2017
New Zealand June 22, 2017
UK (film festival) June 25, 2017
Netherlands July 12, 2017
Argentina July 13, 2017
Brazil July 13, 2017
Chile July 13, 2017
Hong Kong July 13, 2017
South Korea July 13, 2017
Spain July 14, 2017
United Kingdom July 14, 2017
Japan July 15, 2017
Belgium July 26, 2017
Philippines July 26, 2017
Estonia July 28, 2017
Finland July 28, 2017
Lithuania July 28, 2017
Latvia July 28, 2017
France August 02, 2017
Cambodia August 08, 2017
Vietnam August 11, 2017
Malaysia August 24, 2017
Denmark August 31, 2017
Singapore August 31, 2017
Norway September 1, 2017
Sweden September 1, 2017
Italy September 14, 2017
Germany September 28, 2017

Trailer Compilation, Behind the Scenes Video

Below you can watch the compilation of all three official movie trailers.

Go behind the scenes on the set of Cars 3 animated movie with voice actors. Watch it below.

Cars 3: Driven to Win Video Game

For the end, we want to recommend you Cars 3: Driven to Win, a video game based on the titular movie.

The game has been developed by Avalanche Software for all mayor game consoles: PS3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Unfortunately, it is not available for PC, so if you don’t own any video game console, you won’t be able to enjoy in this fun racing game.

It has several racing modes: Race, Battle Race, Takedown, Stunt Showcase, Best Lap Challenge, and Playground. You can watch the trailer and find more info about the game at the Cars III: Driven to Win official website.

The game has already been published in USA and Canada by Warner Bros. Interactive, and its release date for Europe and Australia is set for . It will be available in Japan on .

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