The BMW Comapani is quite successful in its effort to make the best SUV. One of them is the new 2017 BMW X7 that will gloss over your grease for much. You will see that the German manufacturer has become a serious player in this field. Such vehicles have been spotted and it is now up to them to perfect them. The X7 will join the SUV family and find its place at the very top.

For the first time this model is known in 2014, when BMW decided to introduce the public to this model. The model was produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Other models such as X3, X5, X5 M, X6 have been produced there. Production is a little late, so the model will be left to be put together for the next year. And the sale itself is reserved for 2019 when everything is over. One such vehicle setup will be a good competitor to models such as Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz GLS.

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2017 BMW X7 Exterior

If we start from the outside, we will first notice a great similarity with the X5 model. In fact, what BMW wants to achieve is an advanced version of the X5 model that will have a more mischievous look, a more elegant design, a larger structure, with the right third row of seats. More massive grids as well as larger wheels give a stronger appearance to the new X7 model. In front of it there is also a new set of lights. New spy pictures reveal to us a whole new design. On the underside there is a thin strip with LED configuration of double bulbs. The SUV design follows the existing design line and will not deviate much from it, although it has changed the bumper designed for the new 2017 BMW X7.

If we look at the vehicle around, we can expect significant changes in both the roof and the back of the cab, but also that the X5 light-reflecting look will be integrated into the new X7 design. it should be pointed out that the new 2017 BMW X7 will not have a trademark hofmeister kink as it is the case. It’s weird that such a massive space has no place for something like that. Spijun’s forks show a boxing design that refers to the back part while the windows are larger than usual.

The roof surface will be made of tinted glass that moves from the driver to the rear. If the vehicle is viewed from the profile, some significant changes and details can not be perceived and simply these characteristics are not noticeable due to camouflage. If you look at the sides, they are not so ejected and are quite simple designs. High and mild design is a feature for beltline.

2017 BMW X7 side spy shots

Interior Changes

When it comes to interior work, this 2017 BMW X7 model can boast because it enters the segment of large SUVs with a number of technological features that represent the last word in this regard. Inside the cabin, it is all-skinned material of high Alcantra quality and the rest with wood and metal. High comfort and the need for safety features are still one of the segments that this model can boast of.

What will be especially important for the new model is certainly the new iDrive 5.0 touch screen. Thanks to him, it is possible to control the movements of the vehicle, and there are 3D sensors that help the whole story in terms of detection. Motion detection involves various types of settings inside the cab, volume control, navigation, telephony control, and turn off the display at the end. One of the most important things about the technology is the Touch Command Tablet that will be found in the new 2017 BMW X7 model. One such laptop computer will allow you to manage everything from HVAC to infotainment and audio systems. the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond is a great novelty for the X7 that will be present with its 16 speakers distributed all around with a power of 1,400 watts.

Although the X7 is one of the most luxurious SUV vehicles ever made, it will basically be a simple design and will have seven seats in its offer. What is good for this vehicle is that it will be possible to make a choice between a five and seven-seat vehicle. For those who want a lot more comfort in the rear, it will be possible to buy four-seat vehicles. It should be said that there will be a possibility for the 7 Series’ Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package. Basically, one such package should give the passenger on the right side additional space and accommodation options.

Engine and Performance

Probably all of you are expecting something special under the hood. The 2017 BMW X7 under the hood uses two options, the first being a 3.0-liter inline while the other is a 4.4-liter V-8. What needs to be said is that the turbo-six produces 320 horsepower with 330 torque. When it comes to performance, they have been significantly improved and we can say that 60 mph from the start in just under six seconds to some maximum 130 mph. The new seven series can boast of the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8. One such engine can make 445 horsepower with a torque of 480. Here, it’s 60 mph in less than five seconds.

For the oil-burning engine it is bound to 3.0-liter which can make less than 381 horsepower less. The torque is 546. As far as diesel is concerned, there are no such options, but the M50d is very similar to the X5 generation. It is very possible that the X7 will also get an electric motor to use in certain situations.

The X7 will, regardless of everything, present the mystery. What the BMW company needs to do in the upcoming period is to create a genuine competitor that will be able to partner with the GL63 AMG, the Mercedes-Benz brand of the company. If it happens that the company realizes a dream and turns it into reality when it comes to the X7 M, then we should expect something like a 4.4-liter V-8. In this case, one such engine would make 600 horsepower with a torque of 600. But this will surely wait for several years. More info find on topspeed.

Price & Release Date of 2017 BMW X7

Taking into account that this model will be the largest and most luxurious in the X family, it is surely the highest price. So far as things stand on the US market, the X5 is the most expensive version with an initial price of $ 55,500. Then there goes X6 with a price of $ 61,400. Then the natural trail would be to go 2017 BMW X7 with a price of $ 70,000. With certain variants he would have reached $ 85,000. If there really is a M variant of the X family in the offer, the price could be incredible $ 120,000.

2017 BMW X7 off road spy shots

2017 BMW X7 spy shots back side

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