Cellular-V2X Allows Smart Cars to Communicate With Each Other

Since February 2017, Bosch, Vodafone and Huawei have been conducting tests on new high performance technology called Cellular-V2X (vehicle to everything). This technology allows the car to communicate with other vehicles and with its environment through smart mobile telephony.

How Does Cellular-V2X Work?

Imagine the following situation. You are driving from work, and traffic on the highway is congested. Driving and navigation require full concentration. Other drivers are driving like crazy, passing on other cars and cutting in front of your vehicle, causing you to break constantly, which may cause the accidents, slow traffic and stress.

Cellular-V2X is an intelligent mobile technology which can alleviate some of these problems and help prevent potentially dangerous driving situations from becoming more serious. Bosch, Vodafone and Huawei are among the first companies in Europe to test this technology. The companies are conducting tests of the first 5G test modules on the motorway A9 in Bavaria near Munich.

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Cellular-V2X communication between cars

For the first time, companies have shown that driver assistance systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control benefit from direct, instantaneous exchange of information between different vehicles. So far, the Cellular-V2X technology has been used as a real-time alert system when suddenly changing lanes on the highway or when the car in front unexpectedly stops. This technology automatically accelerates and brakes, depending on the situation, notifying the driver at the same time. It paves the way for smart cars and autonomous driving.

Achieving fully networked traffic will involve teaching cars how to communicate with each other and how to directly exchange data. Cellular-V2X will provide the exchange of information on what happens at parts of the intersection that are not visible to the driver, over the top of the hill or on the highway near or behind the driver’s vehicle.

You can read more about Cellular-V2X at Bosch’s website.

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