Ford Troller T4 – Great SUV for Weekend Adventures

Car enthusiasts are used to see concept vehicles that will never be able to drive. The Ford Troller T4 is not a concept, but is a good example of a car that we can see, but won’t be ever able to touch or drive. Unless you live in Brazil.

Ford Troller T4 Exterior Design

The Ford Troller T4 is the most basic model for a terrain vehicle meant only for the Brazilian market. It is Brazilian variant of the popular Ford Bronco SUV. Some of the features it comes with are the panorama roof, high-lift from the ground for off-road driving, the adjustable sway bar, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, fiberglass body construction, and much more.

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Ford Troller T4 front view

Troller’s exterior is mostly based on the Troller TR-X Concept, presented several years ago at the Sao Paolo Auto Show. It is a cross between Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco, featuring fresh and updated look of its exterior. It has the round headlights and smaller fog lamps in front, with large engraved Troller inscription between them, diamond red taillights and spare wheel in back.

Diesel Engine Specs, Performance

While the details of the driving force are not available, we know at least that it has the Duratorq 3.2-liter turbo-diesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission, rumored to produce at least 185 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Some sources claim that the Ford Troller T4 could also come with a Powerstroke I-5 engine delivering 195 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque. Its top speed is 180 km/h.

Ford Troller T4 rear view

Will it be released in the USA?

Well, nobody is sure if the Ford Troller Y4 will ever come to North America. Or Europe. Interested customers have the option to go to Brazil to buy it and then import to the USA.

Wikipedia: Troller T4

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