Future of Cars – Technological Innovations, 5G Connectivity

According to Steve Mollenkopf, the director of Qualcomm, the most exciting advances in technology and connectivity in the following decade will occur in the field of automotive industry, and not in the field of smart phones. Cars are going through a great wave of innovations. Many of them are coming from Qualcomm itself.

The statement highlights the shift in focus of the world’s largest chip maker. Qualcomm technology connects various devices – including the latest iPhone smart phone – to mobile networks and serves as a “brain” for phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the mobile phone market slows down, and Qualcomm strives to expand into fast-growing markets. One of those markets is the automotive industry.

Not Just Faster, But Also Smarter

Since cars nowadays have more and more functions, there is a need for more advanced processors that will operate vehicles under the hood, and manage various functions inside them, such as the infotainment systems, connectivity, navigation, etc.

The market research company, IDC, estimates that manufacturers of semiconductors will make $50.1 trillion in the automotive market by 2021, which is more than 52% than in 2016.

Qualcomm’s breakthrough in the car market focuses on three main areas: connectivity (Internet of Things), computing power and electrification. They produce processors that connect vehicles with other vehicles and the world around them; Improve driving experience for both driver and passengers; and allow new technologies, such as the electric cars and autonomous vehicles.

Cars 5G Connectivity

5G Connectivity in the Cars

Many of the technologies that can be found in modern mobile phones will become available in the upcoming cars. This includes 5G, the next major step in mobile connectivity. It is expected that the 5G will be 100 times faster than the current wireless technologies and 10 times faster than the speed offered by Google Fiber, using physical connectivity with the home of the car owner. Vehicles will simply communicate with each other or connect to the network for critical vehicle functions.

Owners will also be able to control various functions of their vehicles through the mobile application.

Cars need special functions because they rely on the network to perform critical tasks, to improve safety and transport efficiency. The 5G network, expected in the mobile phone market in 2019, will soon appear in the car market. The new technology innovations are adopted really fast by the car manufacturers.

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