Mercedes-Benz: From Self-Learning Vehicles to Smart Cars

In order to shape the future of mobility, Mercedes-Benz has set itself a visionary goal: the development of self-learning and thinking vehicles. These smart cars will have sufficient knowledge of their environment in order to be able to act on their own in certain situations. Combined with certain services, they could become the basis for a sustainable and intelligent mobility system of tomorrow.

What Principles Would Smart Cars Work on?

The smart cars will independently analyze the current situation in all traffic modes and create an individualized driving schedule that will suit the user’s daily routine and mood. They’ll serve as a control center for people who are constantly on the move and take on the form of a digital environment.

Cognitive vehicles will be able to recognize and, within the limits of their capabilities, meet the wishes of travelers. They’ll provide access to artificial intelligence that will allow people to relax or entertain, and provide them intellectual support.

Mercedes-Benz Smart SUV Concept

Today’s Infotainment Systems Already Have Some Kind of Artificial Intelligence

Mercedes-Benz is already working hard on the development of various products and the concept vehicles with this goal. Artificial intelligence and learning tools, for example, are already being used to make infotainment systems in these vehicles more intelligent.

The system collects and analyzes information about the behavior of the driver and his or her habits. Based on this information, the system recognizes the driver as soon as it enters the car and provides it with pre-standardized suggestions that aim to make the daily routine more pleasant and to improve driving experience. The system may suggest the following destination, a particular music or call a contact from user’s phone book.

Mercedes-Benz Smart Van Concept

Technology is rapidly evolving and we need to be aware that smart cars could become reality in the near future. Many technologies found in today’s smart phones will become available in these vehicles, 5G connectivity being one of them. Drivers will also be able to control their vehicles through the mobile apps.

Learn more about these learning cars at Mercedes-Benz website.

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