MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept – Small but Fast

If you are full of emotions during driving, the 2018 MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is the right car for you. This car is not for everybody. It is built for those people who seek sports experience in everyday life.

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept Design

Taking things to the extreme, designers and engineers has the ambition to create a uniquely track-focused sports car. The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is significantly larger than the current Mini and already at first glance highlights the dynamics and driving power. The large front and rear air intakes and a prominent roof spoiler create a secure appearance. It strikes an impressive balance of intimidating beauty and strength.

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept front

The shimmering black color of the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept’s exterior sometimes turns into a dark gray, depending on the light conditions, but it also has red elements here and there. The vigorous application of the carbon has positively affected the ratio of the power-weight of the vehicle. The number on the car – 0059 – is related to the year when the Mini was born: 1959.

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept rear

Interior Styling

The interior is stripped-down and simple, it is filled with only basic elements – bright aluminum roll bar, sports seats, and digital interface in the center console. The gearbox is on the steering wheel. All the key elements are facing the driver, including the HUD that is at the height of the eye. The interior color also matches the exterior, it’s all about contrast. The combination of black, red and stark white underscore the car’s athletic strength.

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept interior

Video: Sports Experience in Everyday Life

Mini + high performance + sport driving feeling = MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept. The result is a sporting experience in everyday life.

Pure performance and raw power. This one is for the few.

For more details, please visit the official website.

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