What’s happening these days is the new 2020 BMW i8, which for some is a real refreshment and it’s better what some would say from the original. But let’s see what are the changes, upgrades, and specifications made on this vehicle. If we return a few years back, we will see that it was launched in 2014 and that it has been in the center of the event since then. More precisely from the middle two thousand, he started with his realization. More precisely, it was first shown as the model of the Vision Efficient Dynamics 2009, after which subsequent changes followed, but the base remains the same. The i8 was once again surprised by car enthusiasts when it launched a hybrid sports car. Relation with this model is also new BMW i8 Roadster 2018 Concept. And in the field a few years ago, various improvements have been made since the launch. The 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show was also hosted by the new i8 Spyder.

With the best intent BMW has, and with the strategy it launches, the new i8 2020 will come in a couple of years, but not before 2020. Although there is not enough detailed information about this vehicle, we will still give what is available. The I Vision Dynamics concept will be a representative of the design of the new sports model, while expectations are such that the vehicle will be completely electric.

Model Specs
Year: 2020
Model: i8
Top Speed: 200mph
Car fuel:: electric cars
Body style: coupe
Torque: 1000rpm
Horsepower: 750
Price:  Super High
Make: BMW
Size: Comact
0-60 time: 3 sec
Car segment:: Sport cars
Total Range: 310 Miles

2020 BMW i8 Exterior of New Electric Car

What is it that would be the first place in relation to the external design? At first glance, you can see what it is about an attractive vehicle, which at first glance takes away the breath. Yes, but what about design details? The front side is aggressive with front grates, with a wider attitude, and a low-nosed position. Observed from the side, the thing is the same, especially the part around the neck, whose line separates that part from the rear of the vehicle, and plunges into the back light. The rear part remembers the BMW M1. However, 2020 BMW i8 model is much more than an ordinary sports model. This is a light performance with an extremely modern design.

In all likelihood, it seems that the design of the new i8 is not finished, because 2020 is just a few years ahead of us and the changes are still in place. Designers are creative and constantly making changes, so BMW will have to work on it even though the existing design is at a high level of satisfaction. And the Vision Dynamics concept will definitely be taken as an inspiration for the final solution of the new i8 2020.

2020 BMW i8 Exterior of New Electric Car interior design

BMW VISIO Dynamics.

In order to let the grease to work, we will borrow some items from I Vision Dynamics. The next model of the i8 got almost the entire front fascia of the mentioned model. A grid that is the trademark of every BMW represents a higher variant than any other model. on the chromed part of the network grid, it has blue colors, ie the tints are colored in blue. Since it will be an electric vehicle, this is the right color for it. Aerodynamics is improved by auditing the wings through which the air passes.

If we look at the vehicle from the side, we will see that the i8 has retained the same design features and we would say the same size. Also, you will notice that they are here stylish design lines, because sharpness and aggressiveness are eliminated at the corners. Luxurious and modern design is where BMW will focus in the future.

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BMW i8 2017

Interior Style Design for New 2020 BMW i8 Review

I can ask you and me, what kind of interior will the cabin be? But it’s hard to say what the new 2020 BMW i8 really will have. High technology and a variety of managerial functions will be present, but the issue of scheduling, design and final selection of functions is posed. Do not think that the 3 Series or X5 will lend a design to the dashboard, it will be unique. The new i8 will continue the tradition of high-ranking vehicles.

The latest technologies could be easily found in this cabin, so there are no surprises. The infotainment system should have a better overview and layout as well as a larger screen. The steering wheel should be adjustable and there may already be an instrument cluster. Monitoring of this electric vehicle will be greatly simplified thanks to many additional functions and changes that will be entered.

Material will be high quality alcantra and leather material for seat changing, for standard trim. most of the surfaces will be made of carbon fibers, which will only ease the vehicle, and there is also the production of aluminum. This and such package may be intended for a little more expensive packages. Other additives will include classic air conditioning, seat heating, good lighting and there is now unavoidable Wi-Fi.

2020 BMW i8 Exterior of New Electric Car interior design

Under the Hood Performance & Specs

He waited to see what the 2020 BMW i8 was hiding under the hood. We have already said that the new i8 should be electrically powered, while the current variant is a hybrid coupling of gasoline and electric drive. The change will be strong and rugged, if we take into account that BMW wants electric cars in the coming decades. It can also confirm these rumors that circulate annually.

The main line linking some of the driving force characteristics associated with the new model is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder power-driven turbocharging drive. The power is transmitted via an automatic gearbox with six speeds and two electric motors. We can also mention the strength of 228 horsepower and a 236-piston torque. However, thanks to certain advanced features regarding the electric engines, they can produce the power of 357 horsepower and 420 rpm.

The new i8 2020 has a pretty good acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds, while the maximum speed is at mph. For some, maybe i8 should have a little more oomph, but we’ll see what will happen. What needs to be especially emphasized is that BMW will focus on adding the third electronics and in some way removing the petrol engine. In fact, it is a matter of having the vehicle possess three electric motors that will use the energy of the advanced battery for their performance on the road. What sounds almost unreal is that each engine will pull 250 horsepower in particular, which means 750 total.

2020 BMW i8 Exterior of New Electric Car engine

Price list For Sale & Release Date – BMW i8 2020

In order to know reliably, and in this case assuming the price for sale for the new 2020 BMW i8, we need to look at the current BMW i8 model. Adding certain plugins to i8 has reached a price of $152,344. This is not at all a low price, but know that the new one will be even more expensive. With all modern technology, the new i8 sport carsshould be around $200,000.

2020 BMW i8 Exterior of New Electric Car

2020 BMW i8 Exterior of New Electric Car picture source by topspeed.

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