The 2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic is such a stylish and eye-catching SUV, looking good from any angle. With two engine options and lot of modern equipment, it will allow you to explore any type of terrain, it will be your ally in all circumstances.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic front view

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic Style and Elegance

When it comes to the exterior design, the 2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic is the best you can get from Renault’s middle-size SUV category. With its large logo and bumper in the front, its appearance works massively and powerfully. The stylish silhouette reveals the sophisticated taste of the owners, and exclusive wheels in a black diamond color emphasize its specialty. The black color suits it very well, but red variant is also quite appealing. The icy-white LED headlights deliver contrast so the Kadjar cannot stay unnoticed on the road during night time.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic rear view

Inside, the luxurious design continues. Black leather is everywhere in touch with the passengers: on the seats, armrests and on the steering wheel. The double red stitch is the same shades as the red details on the screens – everything is uniform in a black and red combination, making the eye less tired. It is such the grace to drive the 2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic interior dashboard

The commands are divided among the physical buttons and touch display. The basic functions are one-touch away, while the less-required functions are up to four clicks away. There are enough buttons on the steering wheel to control everything except the dual-zone climate and the windows. You do not need to control the headlights, taillights and wipers – the car will automatically control them when required.

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The new Renault Kadjar Iconic is exceptionally equipped. Some of the technology features include: R-LINK 2 touch display integrated in the instrument panel, system for automatic turning of long and short light beams, accidental change of the traffic lane warning system, speed warning system with the function of recognizing traffic signs, digital radio with DAB Bose Sound System and optional Easy Park Assist.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic interior seats

The ride is comfortable, both on the asphalt and off-road. This is a 4×4 vehicle, it is not scared of any terrain. It’s up to the owner to drive lightly, and there is no obstacle he or she cannot cross. A multi-hour ride is no challenge. The cabin has enough space for four or five passengers, and the accompanying trunk has the appropriate size. At the end of the drive, Easy Park Assist helps you to comfortably put your car on a well-deserved break.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic trunk

Engine Specs and Performance

The 2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic is powered by the Energy dCi130 turbo diesel engine, producing 130 horsepower (96 kW) and 320 Nm (236 lb-ft), allowing the SUV to reach the top speed of 190 km/h (118 mph). CO2 emissions are rated at 130 g/km. Gasoline option include the Energy TCe 165 unit, delivering 163 horsepower (120 kW), with CO2 emissions rated at 139 g/km.

The responsive six-speed EDC gearbox is currently responding to all of your requirements. With a change in speed reduced to just 290 ms, the double clutch mechanism ensures smooth and reliable swapping speeds that are almost instantaneous. Fuel economy and CO2 emissions are at an exceptional level, with comparable results to those in the manual gearbox.

On the other hand, the X-Tronic gearbox, with no gears and always with the most adequate engine speed, provides smooth driving and responsiveness while reducing fuel consumption. Its new D-Step function in combination with the Energy dCi130 engine simulates the change of gear that always gives you more dynamic driving feeling.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic engine

Kadjar Iconic Pricing Info

Decide to buy the 2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic and add style to your travels. Sophisticated and elegant lines, exclusive 19-inch wheels in a black diamond color with accentuated red central lid with polished rims, front Full LED Pure Vision headlight, black protective battens… This model once again stands out with its looks and uniqueness. You can get it for the starting price of €20.700 without taxes, and it can go up to €28.640 for some models with more equipment.

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic Promo Video

Renault’s crossover SUV Kadjar got another interesting version called Iconic. Check out its promo video below.

January 5, 2018

2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic Review

The 2019 Renault Kadjar Iconic is such a stylish and eye-catching SUV, looking good from any angle. With two engine options and lot of modern equipment, it will allow you to explore any type of terrain, it will be your ally in all circumstances.
November 11, 2017

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