Spy Shots

After several years of scrambling and numerous reports, Toyota finally confirmed that the new 2019 Toyota Supra will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show!

The Japanese manufacturer even released a tizer photo that shows the details of the bodily lines of the body, as well as a part of the massive rear spoiler. However, there are indications that the car exhibited in Geneva will not be the final version, something similar to what BMW did with the Z4.

Namely, these two companies cooperated in constructing these two models, Supra and Z4, and they are based on the same platform.

There are reports that the new Supra will have the tags of the sports department of Toyota, Gazoo Racing, and not the company itself, in order to make the performance sub-brand of the company as soon as possible. The new Supra will be sold in several versions, and one of them will own a six-cylinder engine of BMW, which produces 335 horsepower.

In April 1978, Toyota Supra officially debuted on the domestic market under the Celica XX mark. Although based on the standard Toyota Celica, the Toyota Supra was slightly longer with a total length of 4.6 meters and provided a 2.0L I6 engine with 110 hp. The main purpose of this car was, however, the American market, where Toyota Supra debuted a year later under the Celica Supra and the 2.6L I6 engine of 110 hp. Although it did not make a revolution like Datsun Z, Supra has received great praise from the very beginning. The standard five-speed manual transmission was one of the first such gearboxes in a cheaper car in the US market. Sales were later expanded to the European market, where Toyota Supra had a lot of success in the British series of travel cars. However, sales were limited and around 1,000 cars were moving annually.

2019 Toyota Supra Exterior News

Toyota seems to be in a hurry to take off camouflage from its novelty that will appear in March in Geneva. The new 2019 Toyota Supra has received many external upgrades and changes. However, it is not realistic to look at everything because of a camouflage that has been dragging for a year. LED bulbs are full if you look a little better and this would mean that the halogen lamps are missing, the headlights have changed, and that already has a good effect on the change. The change is such that these items got on a new design that is elegant. LED items will not be found with standard equipment, but they will definitely come without any additional costs to other trim variants.

It is interesting to see from the changes that the lights have changed and are extremely small, which can be marked by a really strange change. LED lights drag their eyes down, from almost ninety degrees, to cast a sharp beam of light.

The FT-1 Concept served as the basis for making drawings that will be the future model of the Toyota Supra 2019. Slightly captured and spy pictures that will greatly serve to discover what is hiding behind the camouflage. The front could look extremely elegant, to the extent that it’s hard to believe that something might go into production so the GT86 also used to extract some items such as making thin headlights.

If we move further and mingle the vehicle from the side and from the back we will notice the thin lines of the fascia. The model can be said to use fourth-generation technology, thanks to the use of LED technology. Round light clusters are also a good indicator of the use of new technologies.

The rear of the vehicle gives a better overview of the design. The mischievous look is what is already seen and what can be noticed. The previous generation of the Supra model here transferred the latest look of the glass. Supra will have different trim options, so you will be able to choose. The difference between standard equipment and a more complex item is that the usual variant involves only an outbound spoiler, while the sports version is of a different character.

Spy Shots

2019 Toyota Supra spy shots design

2019 Toyota Supra spy shots

Interior Specs

Below we are talking about the cabin that needs to be added to the outside. Partly we managed to see what it looks like. An internal large camouflage is a major problem for a more detailed story. Even those characteristics that are visible, are likely to suffer further changes for the final 2019 Toyota Supra production.

What can easily happen is that the instrument panel is analogous, and that it is not so modern and technically equipped. However, it may be the opposite. The digital option should certainly exist at least as a choice. Chrome and aluminum parts are around the steering wheel which is not overly interesting. The A/C openings are interesting in their design and useful because they will serve as sources of good ventilation. The infotainment system is one of the most important items to be seen.

2019 Toyota Supra spy shots interior

Power engine top speed and msrp

Below the 2019 Toyota Supra hood, things could be like this or that, as various rumors circulate. Considered options such as the V-10 taken from the Lexus LFA, via a turbocharged four-cylinder to the Hybrid option. It is very likely that Toyota can offer both engines. Some info you can see on 2018 Toyota Supra Rumors.

The V-6 hybrid system also found in the center of attention. This is based on sound projections of a new engine, which is only heard, but it is not known what is right below and speculations are always allowed. Hybrid V6 and electric motors that help in certain destinations. One such engine could give about 400 horsepower.

Also, the offer can be found and Z4 gas options. It’s very likely that the new Supra model will trim the three engine options. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder could be found as the first on the list. One such model could produce 181 horse power with a torque of 199. Of course, official information when confirmed is done and modified, so this is not the last.

The second option is a more powerful version of the 2.0-liter unit. It will be able to make 248 horsepower with 258 torque. It could appear as a basic model in the United States market. The GR Sport will be named for the second variant while for the first the GR.

The third variant will be the 40i as BMW calls it. The main features of this engine are twin-turbo, 3.0-liter inline-six. One such engine is 335 horsepower with torque 332. The name for this engine will be the GRMN.

Price and Release Date of 2019 Toyota Supra

The realization date is expected at the end of this or the next 2019 year. Production is reserved for Austria, with about 60 units per year. The initial price for 2019 Toyota Supra on the U.S. market will be around $ 40 thousand. While for stronger options and Hybrid over $ 50 thousand.


As competitors, we can distinguish here 2018 BMW Z4, 2017 Acura NSX, 2019 Nissan Z.

February 23, 2018
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