Ubitricity – Intelligent Charging of Electric Vehicles Through a Lamp Post

Ubitricity MobileCharging system is a simple, cheap to install and easy to use system for charging of the electric cars, that are becoming more and more popular. Since air pollution and climate changes are attracting more and more attention, electric vehicles are a solution. However, the challenge for the authorities is to meet the demand for public stations to charge the batteries of these vehicles.

Ubitricity, SmartCable, SimpleSocket

The Ubitricity MobileCharging system provides the opportunity to build public charging stations in places where electric vehicles usually park, during day and night. A key component of the system is SmartCable with an integrated meter of consumed electricity.

Ubitricity MobileCharging system

SmartCable is a unique solution and contains all the technology needed for communication, measurement and charging. By this way, the charging station is reduced and can be integrated even in the smallest street poles.

SimpleSocket can be installed in existing street lighting, creating the necessary infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in the heart of the inhabited areas, without the need for additional devices and with minimal installation.

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Advantages of MobileCharging System

Economic point of charging:
SimpleSocket – Does not require any static communication, access or billing technology. In this way, the purchase price is significantly reduced. Compact dimensions allow integration with various public lamp posts.

Intelligent charging cable:
SmartCable – The user of an electric vehicle buys Ubitricity’s SmartCable, which contains an integrated energy meter and a SIM card for communication. It unlocks SimpleSocket and records the transaction at each charge. Also, there is no need for the additional cables. SmartCable will work as well as the standard cable.

Transparent billing:
ConnectivityManager – Electric vehicle users receive a monthly bill containing a listing of charges and associated costs. Ubitricity’s ConnectivityManager application for smart phones transfers information about all charging in real time.

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Decreased public investment:
Ubitricity guarantees that the most needed technology – the charging point – becomes the cheapest component. SimpleSocket can easily be integrated into the existing network infrastructure for the distribution of electricity. This way additional costs are eliminated, thus elegant and economical solution is made. Ubitricity technology supports solutions for smart grids as well as smart charging options.

Creating a scalable infrastructure:
Due to lower costs, multiple charging points can be installed. The charging points on the street are recommended for every electric vehicle driver.

Reduced delivery time:
SimpleSocket does not require any permission to equip street banners. This reduces the planning and delivery time of new charging stations.

Resident selection:
Each resident individually selects a contract for their SmartCable device, and an electricity provider of their choice. In this way, users of electric vehicles carry their electricity tariff with them wherever they go.

You can find more info at the Ubitricity’s official website.

Video: Ubitricity | Fully Charged

Ubitricity is a German based company who’ve come up with a simple, cheap to install and well managed system for more people on more streets to adopt electric cars.

The simple and very commonplace lamp post can become a ubiquitous charge point for any electric vehicle. They charge at about 5 kW, or 16 amps. Not super fast, but overnight charging is all most drivers need.

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