Volkswagen – Managing Cars Through The Application

Volkswagen values both time and life quality of its customers. The company knows that today everybody is using smartphones. Your smartphone is slowly becoming your digital key. In the future you will not only be able to unlock and lock your car but to unlock the entire Volkswagen experience.

Volkswagen Car-Net

We live in the age of internet and fast mobile communications. Smartphones are handy, always with you and for every situation there is a suitable app. We already have the habit of using an application for everything we need. Why wouldn’t that be the case with the cars?

For example, you car assign and manage the right access for multiple cars, all through the Volkswagen customer identification application, called Car-Net. It is a set of practical services and useful apps for your vehicle that allows you to get access to the key functions at any time. It is easy to use from your computer, or from the app on your smartphone.

You can temporarily give your friend access to the trunk of your vehicle in order to take out luggage and in this way save time. Also, you have the opportunity to remotely enable the infotainment system function in your vehicle. Services such as Digital Voice Enhancement, Car-Net, satellite navigation are available to you by pressing the key.

In the near future, the infotainment system home screen will no longer be limited to a specific vehicle, but will be adjusted to the user. Thanks to Volkswagen’s user identification, personal vehicle configurations will accompany the user no matter what Volkswagen vehicle is currently using.

Volkswagen Car Net

Operating Systems

You can connect Car-Net with the following operating systems: MirrorLink, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay.

With MirrorLink you no longer have to be behind the wheel without this practical tool. Simply connect your smartphone to the vehicle and use your apps easily on the screen of your infotainment system.

Google’s Android Auto enables you to operate suitable apps safely from your smartphone using the Android operating system while driving. With Google Voice, you operate everything by voice input, and you can listen to songs using Google Play Music, Pandora or Spotify. Many other apps are also already supported.

With Apple CarPlay you can manage selected apps from your iPhone while on the move. The apps can be operated with all the ease that you’ll have come to expect from an iPhone. Maps, phone, news, music – everything just at the touch of a button. You can also operate the system by voice control with the help of Siri.

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